Ad Lib City Centre

  • Venue Capacity 100-150
  • Title Resturant
  • Space Capacity 150
  • Professional or Amateur Performers Both
  • Available for public hire? Yes
  • Number of performances per annum 50-100
  • Number of full time employees 0-50
  • Number of part time employees 0-50

The third Ad Lib is situated on the corner of Dumbarton and Byres Road in Glasgow's affluent West End.

Infusing the West End air with aromas of handmade gourmet burgers and enticing South American dishes, this diner also offers you the chance to dine in private in its own Private Dining Room.

Situated above the restaurant and with a chance to create a set menu this cosy space comes with its very own ipod doc giving you the opportunity to dine and listen to your choice of music in private.

Why not pop in and take advantage of our weekday special offer of discounted gourmet burgers....

Ad Lib


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