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We're With McReedy, The Coffins and Strangetouch

Old school bluesy rocking from We're With McReedy plus indie/punk from The Coffins and alt.rock from Strangetouch.

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4 Reviews

  • Jo Fraser replied on 18 Jul 2011 at 16:10

    What a fantastic night. Not 1 not 2 but 3 brilliant bands. Pivo Pivo is a great intimate venue. So combining great venue and talented musicians makes for an awesome night out. The Coffins are a band to keep an eye on.

  • stuartwestwoodphotography replied on 18 Jul 2011 at 16:11

    On paper this was an odd listing, traditional rock band "We're With McReedy" and the deliciously dark "The Coffins" but on the night it worked well.... Formed from the embers of "We Are Jawbone" and fronted by the talented Joe Bone AKA Joe..... ah nearly gave his name away!! "The Coffins" play a music that tickles the dark side in us all and entertains the crowd with cleverly written songs of killers and drugs. Best songs were "I am Killer" and Bring Me the Head of a Boy Band Member"....a pleasant little ditty exposing the contempt Joe has for manufactured pop Music....
    To use a popular cliche and now for something completely different...Strathaven band "Were With McReedy" play good old no nonsense rock'n'roll music with songs composed of tried and trusted guitar licks cleverly changed to their own particular style. Theres no messing about, props or gimmicks with "We're With McReedy" and the guys rattle into a superb 60 min set with for me the highlights being "Crazy Mary" and "Never The Same Why Twice". The band are a must see for all rock fans who love their rock music old school .

  • Mrs Meldrum replied on 26 Jul 2011 at 10:52

    It's always good when you find a gem of a gig by accident!

    I dropped into Pivo Pivo last Wed night on a tip off from a workmate of mine as his mates band was playing. Usually I'm a bit skeptical about such suggestions, so what the hell was I still doing there at 11pm? Well, I'd just finished listening to the headline act We're with McReedy.....brilliant,tight, honest and effortlessly performed original rock material with no heirs and graces that you just don't get anymore, in the style of AC/DC, Free, Skynyrd, Bad Co, Outlaws, Thin Lizzy, Credence etc (in my opinion) they were very good! I particularly liked the lead guitar melodies, not guitar hero's here, just perfectly timed blues style fills and solo's, supported by a fairly huge rythm guitarist that kept the whole thing together in an almost motionless Malcolm Young type fashion! A great band and an hour long set too, my kind of music and there ain't enough of it's type around! Almost the highlight of my week as an old rocker!

    Visually, the band of the night were the Coffins, I couldn't pigeonhole those guys like the style of music above, thier original music is a bit more directed towards the dissafected and cynics among us, which is no bad thing, poking fun at boy bands and the way that you might get a wee stauner whilst eying up the dolls in John Lewis's window, but don't let this put you off! If there was ever a place for standard heavy guitar, drums & bass riffing, this is it, thier singer (Joe?) compliments the subject matter and sonic commitment well too, with a crazy prop filled display of intent that not many have the balls to undertake for fear of derision, these guys pulled it off with ease, funny, serious, morose, combative, confrontational? I suspect a lot of bands couldn't pull off the type of show the Coffins gave whilst maintaining credibility, but it seemed they meant every motion, gesture and note they played, definately a refreshing change! (for me anyway)

    I was a bit late to catch the full first act who were Strangtouch, (damn you KFC) but they sounded the very example of a tight, talented bunch of guys. With no histrionics, but a heavy nod to your bonafide songwriters/singers type of band that has a wealth a of material that can be performed to a very high standard at the drop of a hat.

    Not sure what else to say, other than the fact that I have never been compelled to write a review, but this was such a great night of well executed music that I feel it deserves a little credit, so well done to the promoter whoever put these bands together for the one night that I decided to lay my apathy aside and actually "nip out and see a band"

    I'll be scouring for the next gigs from these guys, not exactly got my finger on the small gig pulse, but I may find myself going out of my way to see where I can catch these bands again.

  • Dimples replied on 26 Jul 2011 at 10:51

    This gig was awesome, 3 great bands and a great atmosphere! More folk need to come out and experience good original local music. I don't get out too often, but this gig has made me want to go to more small gigs. At £6I can go to 10-11 of these for the price of a standing take that ticket!
    We're with Mcreedy are one of my favorite bands on the Glasgow circuit and I'll be back to see them soon, they full stop ROCK!!! The Coffins were a joy to behold on stage and put something into their set that I can't put my finger on and Strangetouch were one of the tightest & and most melodic bands I've ever heard live.

    A brilliant night of music!

    DD xxx

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