Philippe Pastor is a renowned artist and sculptor. He is an official artist at the modern De Jonckheere Gallery in Monaco. He works between Monaco and Spain. He is an artist who has shaken the world of art in his passionate infusion of nature’s riches with his desire to impart the influence of man’s interaction with our environment.

What is the essence of the art of Philippe Pastor?

Pastor’s expression of art using nature as a canvas is motivated by the deep-seated relationship between humans and nature. We are said to be intertwined with nature. Philippe reminds us of the role we must play to preserve nature’s beautiful fountain of life with his poignant works such as “The Burned Trees” sculptures.

“The Burnt Trees” sculptures are a heartrending depiction of the effects of deforestation. He was moved by a fire in the forest of La Garde-Freinet in France that happened in 2003 that had a devastating impact. His concerted effort to highlight our relationship with nature is shown in his exhibitions.

The essence of Philippe’s works centers on the relationship between nature and man, and how we, as humans, should be more cognizant of the role we play against/for nature in the world we live in. What distinguishes him from others is his relationship with the canvas, his uses to depict his message. He pours nature onto his canvas and nature comes alive at the touch of passion, heart and soul.

Why is he the official artist of the De Jonckheere Gallery in Monaco?

The works of this abstract expressionist have been exhibited in different parts of the world. He has exhibited his works in the Venice Biennale exhibitions. Due to his stance on nature and its impact, the influential painter is a famous artist of Monaco. He was instrumental in the success of the exhibitions at Universal Exposition EXPO Milano 2015, where he was the official artist.