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Some see Scotland as a land of myths. From the Loch Ness monster to the invincible Highlanders, not to mention the ghosts, legend enthusiasts have what they need to feed their convictions. For my part, I have a completely different vision of the “fantastic” and it is based on a still relatively unknown reality. Today, I have decided to talk to you about Glasgow, a city I particularly enjoy and where I spent a great part of my life.

My childhood in Glasgow

For my parents, they were born to travel. They met each other in Australia, got married in Las Vegas, then settled in France before finally giving birth to me in Glasgow. My arrival convinced them to stay in Scotland because they did not want to drag me into their often chaotic journeys. So it was in Glasgow that I spent the first 20 years of my life, which gave me time to unravel the secrets of this great Scottish city.

I am immensely blessed to have parents who are passionate about everything. I remember that from a very young age they would show me every corner of Glasgow. We spent a lot of time in the parks. As well as this, I learned growing up that the Gaelic meaning of Glasgow meant “expensive green space”. Personally, I would recommend Kelvingrove Park. With its pond often occupied by ducks, the pigeons that fly about everywhere, its remarkable statues and its museum (the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum), you will not have time to be bored.

Growing up, I was introduced to culture in all its forms. Once again, Glasgow has everything it takes to fill your mind with a thousand and one riches. Thousands of objects from the Riverside Museum’s history are on display, but you can also admire a stunning collection of cars. The Lighthouse is a must-see. Its architecture already has enough to captivate you but once you reach the top floor (thanks to its majestic staircase), you will have an exceptional view that words cannot describe.

Among the places that left their mark on me, there is also the Saint-Mungo Museum which fascinated me with its collection of religious art. With its interactive exhibits, the Glasgow Science Center has what it takes to thrill everyone. But all this is of course only a glimpse of what I like so much in this city where I had the joy of growing up.

Travel shapes the young

Even though I spent a lot of time in Glasgow, my parents wanted me to discover other horizons. They took me to many cities in Scotland and elsewhere and I can tell you that it has contributed enormously to my education. Discoveries over the course of our many destinations have helped me discover new architectural styles,views like no other and fascinating populations. This is why I invite you to come visit Glasgow and all its riches.

A life of art and music

Life has frankly spoiled me by being put on the road of music enthusiasts. Meeting my boyfriend and his group awakened an unconditional love for art in all its forms. I have always been familiar with painting, sculptures … But I also discovered dance and music, which are means of expressing feelings, a certain creativity. Glasgow is an excellent destination to enjoy all of these beautiful things born from the heart and soul. I can assure you that you will have many opportunities to explore in Glasgow, whether through shows in large halls or concerts in some restaurants.

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