It’s no secret: with its Mediterranean coastline and ever dependable sunshine, the South of France exerts a greater attraction on tourists and holidaymakers than any other region. So set a course for the south and its various must-see destinations for your holidays. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a wide range of activities out in the natural environment, looking for a good spot in which to simply laze and relax on a sun lounger, or want to enjoy the pleasures of water-based activities in the sea, the village of Ramatuelle and the cities of Cannes and Nice are just what you’re looking for.

Holidaying in Ramatuelle

It’s well worth discovering and exploring this magnificent, traditionally authentic village when holidaying on the Côte d’Azur. Ramatuelle is a charming village perched on a rocky hill overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

A charming village

If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity far from the jet set pace of the Côte d’Azur, take a tour of Ramatuelle and its surrounding area. This picturesque village configured like a snail’s shell has managed to keep its original character intact. What makes it so charming is the magnificent feast for the eyes presented by its wonderful scenery and the architectural styles of its buildings. The village has managed to retain all its uniqueness and peaceful tranquillity, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds. Find a place to sit in one of the little shaded squares and sip a fruit juice while chatting with the older villagers or watching the locals play pétanque… you won’t get bored here.

Stroll around the narrow little cobbled and flower-adorned streets and marvel at the stone houses with their pastel coloured porches and shutters, all of it accented by the heady perfume of bougainvillea and jasmine, which are so characteristic of Mediterranean villages.

There are also various remarkable buildings and monuments to visit such as:

  • The Moulins de Paillas windmills, which are located on the peninsula’s highest point at an altitude of 130 m (425 ft);
  • The Porte de Sarrazine, which originally served to protect the local inhabitants from illness and disease and acted as a defence in times of war;
  • The Phare du Cap Camarat lighthouse, which you can visit and explore on one of your walks;
  • The Château de Saint-Amé;
  • Be sure to take a look at the 16th-century church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, where you’ll find a bust of Saint André, the patron saint of Ramatuelle.

From the heights of the village there are views out over Saint-Tropez harbour, the local vineyards and the beach to be had, providing an unforgettable holiday experience.

Waterfront locations

Below the village lies the famous Pampelonne beach, with its 27 hectares (67 acres) of fine sand. In the older well-preserved parts of Ramatuelle, there are some amazing residential properties to be found. A waterfront villa, an apartment with sea views, a property by the beach: discover Ramatuelle’s seafront areas, combining calm tranquillity with convenient proximity to the village. Imagine a breathtakingly beautiful sunset viewed from the comfort of your own terrace.

Ramatuelle offers a choice of properties combining Mediterranean charm with contemporary luxury. Experience wonderful moments comfortably ensconced in the hidden privacy of your own little corner of paradise and enjoy special break together as a couple, on your own or with family or friends.

To make things easier so you don’t have to do anything yourself, simply contact an estate agency to rent a seasonal holiday property such as here for example. Then slip on your swimming costume and enjoy the wonderfully turquoise water and moments of leisurely well-being and relaxation.

In Cannes with the stars

Cannes is a favourite destination of holidaymakers. With the diverse range of activities it has to offer, the city is the ideal place to spend a romantic break for two or a family holiday.

A city famous the world over

The mere mention of Cannes brings to mind images of fashionable parties, sequins and paparazzi. The city is particularly well-known for its film festival, with its annual parade of famous film stars. You might even bump into your favourite celebrity. Don’t forget your camera. Behind its sequinned facade, however, Cannes has other attractions to offer too. It also stands out for its historic heritage and charming little streets.

And with Cannes located on the edge of the Mediterranean, you have the possibility of going for a kayak trip and enjoying the sunset from the sea. Something else Cannes is famous for is its Croisette, with its palm trees, luxury shops and private beaches. In the Suquet district, the oldest part of the city, there are remains dating from the Middle Ages to be found. Admire the views from the church of Notre Dame d’Espérence and enjoy the magnificent panorama from the top of the Tour Carrée (square tower) at the Musée de la Castre, which is housed in a medieval castle and has a collection of ancient relics on display.

Set a course for the Lérins Islands, which include Île Saint-Honorat, home to a community of monks, and Île Sainte-Marguerite, which still retains a wild, untamed side, with its various little sandy beaches. When it comes to accommodation, there’s an enormous range of choices available. The city is positively brimming with Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury properties, beautiful villas and high-class hotels. You’ll easily be able to find studios and apartments to match your tastes and budget.

Special things to see and do

When it comes to activities to do in Cannes, one choice you have is to simply admire the beaches and their fine sand from a luxury hotel or visit the Lérins Islands. In the sea off Cannes lies the Pelagos Sanctuary, where you can go swimming with dolphins. A giant ecosystem, the sanctuary is home to a remarkable range of biodiversity. Another option is to take a helicopter trip over the Côte d’Azur and enjoy the views as you fly over the regions’ cities, towns and villages, each of which is as magnificent as the next. And don’t forget to enjoy a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant on the Croisette.

Where sporting activities are concerned, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf at the Saint Donat golf club, which lies on the outskirts of both Cannes and Grasses, a town famously associated with perfume. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, this 18-hole course dotted with a variety of hazards will both delight seasoned players and provide excellent training for beginners. It’s also possible to book special rooms at the club for private functions. An alternative option is to organise an evening cocktail dinner in the chic, stylish ambiance of a private-hire boat and let the champagne flow freely! There are also VIP rooms available for casino evenings in Cannes, with guests free to try their hands at black jack, roulette, etc.

Or how about Nice on the French Riviera?

Why not consider the French Riviera‘s largest city? Nice, a favourite destination of holidaymakers and famous jet-setters. The Côte d’Azur has plenty of attractions to offer the visitors. With its blend of sea and mountains, Nice itself is stunningly scenic, and there’s also the surrounding area to explore, which is beautiful and idyllic, despite all the tourists. Magnificent beaches and mysterious mountains are the order of the day here.

Between the mountains and the deep blue sea

Delight in the azure blue of the skies and sea around Nice. The city’s mild climate means there’s a wide range of both land and water-based activities to enjoy either as a family or with friends. Nice is popular as a destination for holidays in the sun, with days spent leisurely relaxing and sunbathing on the beach or by the pool. There’s something for everyone to enjoy when holidaying in Nice, such as playgrounds for younger children and parks, gardens and cultural attractions for teenagers. For those interested in doing something sportier, there’s the option of challenging yourself to a session on a tennis court.

Nice is a lively resort, with plenty to do for surfers and fans of other water-based activities. When it comes to sunbathing, Baie des Anges bay is the best-known spot on the coast. The historic Promenade des Anglais, once a favourite haunt of English high society, is a great place from which to admire the seafront. Be sure to visit Place Massèna, with its Baroque churches, and sample some delicious local Nice specialities and southern wines at one of the top class restaurants there. And don’t forget the famous Musée Matisse, which has a fine collection of Impressionist paintings on display.

If you’re a mountain lover, be sure to visit the Maritime Alps, where it’s possible to go skiing, snowboarding and sledding in winter and enjoy outdoor sports such as zip lining in summer. A trip to the mountains also offers the reward of an exceptionally scenic panorama complete with natural greenery and pure, fresh air. Hiking enthusiasts will delight in exploring the area’s various walking trails. And once you’ve had enough of that, recharge your batteries with a refreshing boat trip.

Attractions in the surrounding area

As well as the unmissable city itself, Nice also has attractions to offer in its surrounding area. Spend some time exploring the small towns and villages around Nice, such as the colourful town of Villefranche sur mer, which lies seafront in the east of Nice; and be sure to visit the Éphrussi de Rothschild villa at Cap Ferrat, with its sumptuously decorated interior and spectacular gardens. Another place to explore is Èze, a tiny town perched high on a rocky hilltop looking out over the sea. Notable places to visit in the surrounding area are the famous little medieval town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the Maeght Foundation, an important museum of modern art. Also worth visiting is Monaco, with its Jardin Exotique (Exotic Garden), which contains a wide variety of different kinds of cacti. Opt for the hiking option when it comes to exploring the village of Peillon, with its mountainous peaks and Mediterranean vegetation, as well as the resort town of Antibes, the cap d’Antibes, etc.
There’s really no risk of getting bored when holidaying in the South of France! Ramatuelle, Cannes, Nice: the choice is yours.